Tamara Dolinsky B.A., R.Ac, EMR


Tamara has a double major from the University of Alberta in psychology and philosophy. She studied acupuncture at Grant MacEwan in Edmonton and graduated with distinction in 2001. She began studying NAET in 2004 (Basic and Advanced I) both of which she refreshed in 2015 and has also taken the following courses:

IIA: Autism


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


IIB: Immune System Disorders


Cardiovascular Disorders


IIC: Viral Disorders

Radiation Sensitivities (electric, electro-magnetic, x-ray and sun)

Exercise Induced Disorders

IID: Female Disorders


Thyroid Disorders

Melt Your Fat

IIO: Anxiety Disorders

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Panic Attacks


NAET Symposium 2006

Tamara is also a fully trained EMR (Emergency Medical Responder).


After completing her studies and successfully passing the Alberta provincial acupuncture exam, Tamara was invited to teach full time at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the first Westerner to be offered this position). In addition to teaching, she worked three mornings a week at GuoYiTang, the last resort acupuncture clinic associated with the University. Following her year at the University, she worked as the resident Acupuncturist for Bayley and Jackson Medical Clinic in Beijing.

When Tamara returned home to Edmonton, she opened her own multi-modality clinic also called The Shen Health and Wellness Centre. The clinic operated successfully for nine years before her decision to move to Langley to be close to family.


When I first heard of NAET in early 2004, I was intrigued but naturally skeptical. I decided to take the first course on the off chance that I may be able to help my mother who had suffered from allergies for most of her life. In a very short time I came to realize that it did work and not only was I able to help my mother but others as well. Since then, more and more of my practice focussed on treating allergies. Seeing the amazing difference in people's lives after being treated for allergies is truly rewarding.